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Solicitors Benevolent Association
The Solicitors Charity

About The SBA...

Every year we help hundreds of solicitors and their families who are in serious financial need as a result of illness, accident, redundancy or some other misfortune. Increasingly the beneficiaries are young and perhaps prevented from working due to a disabling disease or a stress-related breakdown.


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Am I eligible?

Financial help may be offered to solicitors who are, or who have been, on the Roll for England and Wales, and have practised.

Help may also be offered to their dependants.

Applicants who are already on benefits are those most likely to be eligible but we can and do help people in poorly paid employment.

Financial help is not offered to newly qualified solicitors solely because of their inability to find work.

Assistance is not usually offered to those with substantial assets in the form of investments or property (other than a main residence) or for school fees.


We do not become involved in business or partnership debts, the cost of practising certificates or indemnity insurance.

Help is not available to those who have brought the profession into disrepute or been struck off the Roll but assistance may be offered to dependants.


Each application is reviewed individually and in confidence and awards are based on the circumstances of each applicant.


How do I apply?

You will be asked to complete an application form giving details of your current income and expenditure. Once this has been checked at the office, one of our volunteer Area Representatives will be in touch.

Applications are reviewed at our Board meetings (held ten times a year) and a decision is then passed to the beneficiary.


•Click here to complete our online application form, initially without signatures, or

•Click here to download an application form (PDF), or

•Call us on 0208 675 6440 and speak to a Beneficiary Secretary

•Email us at

•Write to SBA The Solicitors’ Charity, 1 Jaggard Way, London SW12 8SG


What kind of help do you offer?

Grants may be awarded towards living expenses and household requirements.

Beneficiaries with assets (e.g.ownership of their homes) but acute cash-flow problems may be offered interest-free secured loans. Loans are repayable on change of financial circumstances, death or sale of the house; each case is reviewed individually.


Help is considered towards care home fee shortfalls, where local authority funding does not meet the total fees.


Students at university whose solicitor parents cannot afford full funding may apply for an annual grant.

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We pay out hundreds of thousands of pounds each year in grants and loans but we need to do so much more.


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