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Shape Arts
A disability-led arts organisation

About Us

Shape Arts works across the UK to develop opportunities for disabled artists, train cultural institutions to be more open to disabled people, and run participatory arts and development programmes.

Shape’s mission is to provide skills, opportunities and support for disabled artists, individuals and cultural organisations; and help build a more

inclusive cultural sector.


Shape Arts will build on our existing legacy by focussing on four strategic aims:  We will:

1. Work with arts and cultural sector organisations towards promoting greater accessibility and inclusion – opening talent and audience pathways

2. Raise the aspirations of disabled people wanting to work in the arts & cultural sector, encouraging ambition and talent to freely thrive

3. Provide high quality, accessible learning and development opportunities to support disabled artists and individuals in building sustainable careers

4. Promote excellent, inspiring art by disabled artists to diverse and growing audiences


More disabled people employed in and leading the arts

Shape actively works to support disabled creative people pursue career opportunities in the arts. Through skills development, careers advice, networking opportunities and mentoring, Shape enables disabled artists to reach their potential; and actively works to improve diversity in

the creative industries.

Deane House Studios
27 Greenwood Place