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Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network (WCEN)
Community Collaboration on Public Services

How we work

Our way of working is to share and tell stories of:
- why and how communities have formed and the challenges that they experience.
- How our public institutions have developed and grown and the complex nature of their roles and responsibilities. 

Through this story telling we discovered that our Public Agencies have become increasingly distant and remote from the communities which they are seeking to serve.

The effect of this separation has been a disregard and neglect of our greatest resource- our communities and their members- leading to a loss of confidence and trust in our public institutions. This has resulted in varying degrees of social exclusion and a resulting increase health and social welfare inequalities right across our society.

The good news is that there is a better way.  And this better way starts with dialogue, relationships and understanding of what and who our communities are.

By bringing together the leaders and members of all of our communities into a collaborative relationship with our public agencies, we are able to start to imagine what a better and smarter civic society might look like.

One that is based on shared public knowledge and open to innovation.   

Get Involved

There are a number of ways you can get involved with WCEN:


-          Come along to our meetings and events and join in.

We value participation and the contribution of ideas and insights.


-          Sign up to join our mailing list where we will notify you of future events and provide updates on what we are doing.


-          If you belong to an organisation of any kind: a community or faith group, or a social network of some sort,  and have a thought or  idea on how you may be able to make a connection with the delivery of better public services, then get in touch with us.


We are always keen to come out and visit and share some of what we have learnt with you. And keen to learn about some of what you know. 


You are also welcome to our open offices on the Doddington Estate in North Battersea. 


To find out more get in touch go to our contact us page or visit our website. 


Finding Us

Unit 44 Doddington & Rollo Community Association
Charlotte Despard Avenue
SW11 5HD