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The Talking Stick
Anonymous Life-Sharing Group for Self-Healing

What is a ‘Talking Stick’ group?

Talking Stick is a free-to-attend anonymous self-help group for all people who have a burning desire to share parts of their life as a method for clearing uncomfortable feelings, thoughts and emotions. Stress relief.


This is based on the principles; Telling the truth sets you free and A problem shared is a problem halved


It’s perfectly OK to share positive experiences as well – in fact we encourage that as a way to inspire other members to see life from another perspective and to learn from it. Every cloud has a silver lining


Note: The Talking Stick is not a 12 step or Shaman group. 

What is the ‘Talking Stick’ group purpose?


The primary purpose of a ‘Talking Stick’ group is to help people find Peace of Mind and beyond. There will be resources offered to help members – such as recommended books, upcoming free seminars, courses and known techniques, such as the Law of Attraction.


Members are not expected to speak – but are expected to listen. Listening is a form of sharing. 


Why ‘Anonymous’?

Anonymity allows people to share more honestly & openly without worrying about other members’ judgements, beliefs of right and wrong, media ‘interference’ and the press. We encourage members to use their first name only or pseudonym/false name for more privacy. Members are discouraged from gossip and asked to agree to keep all that they hear and see to themselves – including their closest family and friends – in order to maintain anonymity.


The success of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and others have proven the importance of anonymity


This ‘Talking Stick’ group leader is Alan B Taylor


For more information about the group, contact Kirsie Sheehy at Lifetimes (details above).


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