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Counselling Life Advice Suicide Prevention

CLASP are the first charity focusing solely on the stigma of Mental & Stress related illness, Emotional Life Traumas & Suicide. We’d like people to interact and give support while obtaining advice from professionals and people who have suffered & overcome similar or the family, friends & carers of those that have suffered. 

We provide a variety of online resources and information about Mental and Stress Related Illness, Suicide and the Stigma attached to these conditions. Learn more 

We confront stigma through awareness raising events such as the ‘WALKING OUT OF DARKNESS’ charity walk and by working together with the Medical Advisory Service, NHS 111 service and local Councils on a new Mental Health Wellbeing and Suicide Prevention helpline. Learn more 

Telephone Support

If you would like to speak to someone about your own mental health or someone close to you, visit the Helplines Partnership to find a variety of telephone support services. 

If you are in crisis or distress, please call 111  immediately for assistance.