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Homeshare for the Elderly
Helping elderly people to continue independent living
About Us

Share & Care was established in 2006 to address a growing need to give help to elderly with low-cost companionship and practical help, and now offers help to the elderly and disabled with homeshare across London and throughout the UK.

While there are many options for people needing personal care, few help to alleviate loneliness and give the on-going companionship that sharing a home can give. Homeshare is an affordable solution offering practical help and support which can typically be very expensive if sought through separate channels.

Share & Care is committed to offering a bespoke, personal and professional service. Our Sharers are matched as closely as possible with our Homeowners to ensure that a friendship and mutual respect can develop, while also ensuring that safeguards exist. We are proud that our clients reward us by recommending us and, although we are keen to grow and promote the concept of homeshare across the UK, we are committed to ensuring we maintain our high standards, giving personal attention, support and the careful introductions of Homeowners to potential Sharers.


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Homeshare for the Elderly

Elderly Homeowners


Information for Elderly people considering the support of a Home Sharer


Share & Care Homeshare is a low-cost, live-in service which offers practical help, reassurance and companionship to Homeowners. Having a Sharer helps combat loneliness and gives the Homeowner an agreed level of practical help and support in and around the house, plus friendly companionship, usually over four evenings each week and a few hours at weekends. Their Sharer agrees to live-in at least five nights per week. This homeshare service can sit alongside other care packages.


Who our service helps

Live-in Homeshare service for elderly people


Share & Care specialises in introducing live-in Sharers to Homeowners. The Homeowners are normally widows, widowers or elderly couples who would appreciate some practical help and companionship in their own home at an affordable cost. The service is also suitable for anyone else who may benefit from some practical help and companionship, for example because they are disabled, or they or their partner is suffering from Dementia, Parkinson’s or another long-term illness. Homeshare is beneficial to anyone who wishes to maintain their independence and continue living in their own home, but needs a little practical help and company in order to do this. Share & Care’s homeshare scheme offers a very low-cost way to secure this help, priced at £4 – £6 per day.


How it works


Based on the idea of exchange, the Homeowner offers a bedroom and the use of their home’s facilities to the Sharer (the person who lives with them) in return for around 10 hours a week of practical help and support, usually including cooking, light cleaning, shopping, gardening and other small DIY jobs. The Homeowner’s property becomes the Sharer’s home for the duration of the agreement and the Sharer agrees to sleep in the house for at least five nights a week – although it is their home for all seven nights. As well as the natural reassurance of someone living in their home, the Sharer will also offer additional companionship at other times during the day or early evening, perhaps to share a meal, play a card game or watch TV with the person they live with [our guideline for the additional companionship is around 5 hours per week].


Please note: The Sharer is not permitted to give any personal or nursing care to the elderly person they live with. If personal care is required, homeshare can sit alongside a care package from a personal care agency.


The Sharer, who will usually be 24 years old or over, continues his/her regular job or studies during the day. The 10 hours of practical help a Sharer gives is normally spread out over the week. We look for Sharers who are friendly and caring and who would welcome the opportunity of affordable accommodation and making a new friend.

Why it works

By putting two people together who have common interests, homesharing can give Homeowners the help, support and security they need, while offering Sharers a place to call home. Share & Care pays great attention to the personalities of the Homeowners who are looking for help, and works hard in a professional yet friendly manner to find Sharers who have similar interests so that genuine friendships can develop. A Share & Care homeshare helps combat loneliness and isolation, while giving reassurance to their families too.


Where it works


Share & Care supports Homeowners and Sharers across the UK. In locations outside major cities or large towns, it may take longer to find the right Sharer and in some rural locations it may not be possible to find a suitable Sharer at all. We DO NOT charge anything until we have found a potential Sharer that the Homeowner likes and has invited to share their home.


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Cost of our service



Share & Care charges both the Homeowner and the Sharer a small monthly facilitation fee. There is no exchange of money between the Homeowner and the Sharer.

Our fees are as follows:

  • London Service – Fees £150 + VAT [£180 per month], which equates to under £6 per day
  • Outer London and City Service – In other UK Cities and London suburbs our fees are £125 + VAT [£150 per month], which is under £5 per day. We charge a nominal introduction fee with the first invoice.
  • Country Service – In more rural country areas our fees are £100 + VAT [£125 per month], which is under £4 per day. We charge a nominal introduction fee with the first invoice.


Length of Share

We ask our Sharers to be able to commit to the homeshare for at least one year. Most arrangements last for at least a year and many for several years. We understand that situations can change on both sides, and a 30 day notice period is included in all agreements, but we undertake to look for Sharers who will be in a position to commit for at least one year.


On-going support

We provide regular, on-going support to both the Homeowner and the Sharer, keeping an eye on the relationship to encourage a happy, friendly share and helping to resolve any issues should they arise. Our professional and friendly team is always at the end of the phone to provide help.


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Finding Us

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