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Association of Disabled Professionals
Employment advice, information and peer support

Who are we?

The ADP was formed in 1971 to provide a forum for disabled people to share both their problems and their experiences of successful personal development and valued work, as well as to help create conditions for other disabled people to realise their full potential.

Our members consist mainly of disabled people living in the UK (and all of our Executive Committee are disabled), but we also have several members who work in the field of supporting disabled people into employment and a number of international members.

What do we do?


The ADP provides a pioneering service that is marked by its common sense approach. Our services include the provision of employment advice, information and/or peer support for the very many disabled people who contact our helpline and their advisors or friends. 


We have a 24-hour answerphone service where disabled people can seek advice and support from another disabled person. We feel this is very important as we have learnt that disabled people have a particular, specific and real need to receive information from other disabled people about issues relating to education, employment and training.


Association of Disabled Professionals
16 Aintree Drive
Cowplain, Hampshire