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London DV Service
Barnardo's - Believe in Children

Domestic violence

Domestic violence has often been seen as a problem between adults. It was thought that as long as children were not in the same room and actually caught in the crossfire, they were not affected by violence between their parents. However there is growing understanding of the risks to children.


Barnardo’s aims to alleviate the long-term effects of domestic violence on children through counselling and family support services. Many mothers continue to provide love and stability for their children in very difficult circumstances, and Barnardo's tries to strengthen their ability to cope. Where a parent's ability to look after their children has been undermined by the stress of living with fear, services try to help them improve their confidence and self-esteem so that they can protect themselves and their children from violence.

London DV Service


This service provides:


Domestic abuse: Works with families to change behaviours. Aims to improve emotional wellbeing and promote resilience. Supporting parents understanding of the impact of domestic abuse on their parenting role and on their child's behaviour. Enabling individuals or families to be involved in safety planning.


Training: Supporting development of work skills via opportunities for on the job training, work placements, job tasters, and vocational work. Guidance on appropriate behaviour in the workplace and interviews. Supporting the transition from education in to employment, reducing the risk of exclusion.


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