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Sick Doctors Trust
Support for Doctors & Dentists

The Sick Doctors Trust Helpline

The Sick Doctors Trust Helpline offers support and help for doctors, dentists and medical students who are concerned about their use of drugs or alcohol. 


Callers may remain anonymous and we frequently also receive calls from colleagues or members of the family of a doctor who is experiencing problems.  The majority of our calls are from doctors who think they may have a problem. Learn more

The helpline is available 24 hours a day on 0370 444 5163 (see disclaimer). 

Dentists Health Support Programme Helpline


The Dentists Health Support Programme (originally called The Sick Dentists Scheme) helps addicted and alcoholic Dentists get into recovery. It is financed by the profession & is run by the Trustees of the Dental Health Support Programme. 


The helpline is open 24/7 - 020 7224 4671

Calls and emails are treated with strict confidentiality and can be made anonymously (like those to the Sick Doctors Trust). They are answered by a Dentist in recovery or a Clinical Psychologist specialising in addiction. Learn more


Sick Doctors Trust
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