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Elays Network
Youth Empowering their Peers


The name Elays is of Somali origin and translates to mean light or lighthouse.


The purpose of a light house is to guide and carefully direct sailors on rough waters to land and safety. Similarly, whilst Elays is in existence we aim to guide and direct the youth during the most crucial and difficult years of their development, whilst living in what is similar to rough waters- the streets of London.


Like a lighthouse, Elays acts as that steadfast constant presence which offers comfort, security and opportunity.


Though we are immensely proud of what we have achieved thus far, we won’t be satisfied until we have reached out to every young person in need of support and guidance and as an organization are able to effortlessly open the door and present an alternative to every young person who comes our way.  

Our Beliefs & Objectives


•We believe in helping young people to use their skills to reach their full potential.

•We believe in young people’s abilities to work in teams to reach their common goals.

•We believe in giving the youth opportunities in which they can use their skills and qualities and deliver outstanding results.

•We believe that we should give the young people the trust and the position they deserve in our community.



What is fundamental to the work of Elays and what differentiates us from other youth organizations is the fact that we are a youth organization, run for the youth and most importantly BY the youth. Adult’s act purely as facilitators and all aspects of creativity in our projects are born from the imagination of the young people.


Elays prides itself on the fact that it is entirely youth led. One of our fundamental principles is that youth empowerment is best achieved when coming from the young people themselves- as only a young person can truly get into the heart and mind of another young person


We provide activities that young people can take part in during their free time.


These activities have a positive knock on effect as it not only ensures that young people are enjoying themselves, but also prevents anti-social behaviour. As a result, these young people are perceived as esteemed members of their community as opposed to nuisances.


At Elays we focus on youth empowerment through education: we enable this by running after school boosters which help young people in their academia as knowledge is power, and a valuable asset in life.


Football is a universal sport which is immensely popular amongst young people, and has many benefits in terms of physical development. At Elays we understand the importance of sport in improving a young person’s self-esteem, confidence, and health.


If you are a young person living in the Battersea area and would like to get involved in our upcoming activities and projects, please get in touch using the information at the top of this page.


Finding Us

Unit 44 DRAC
Charlotte Despard Avenue
SW11 5HD