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Action Tutoring
Volunteer tutors - English and maths
About Action Tutoring

Action Tutoring is an exciting education charity that supports young people facing socio-economic disadvantage to achieve a meaningful level of academic attainment through tutoring support. This enables them to go on to further education, employment or training. We partner high quality volunteer tutors with primary and secondary school pupils to increase their subject knowledge, whilst building on confidence and study skills.


Action Tutoring is a fast growing education charity, aiming to make the benefits of tutoring more widely available to pupils in schools across England. We do this by recruiting high quality volunteers to tutor pupils in our partner schools. Volunteers meet with students for one hour a week, for 6-8 weeks, at the pupil's school providing them with academic guidance and support.


Follow this link to learn a little bit more about our team and our mission.

Work with us


Register your school's interest


If you are a school that is interested in partnering with us, please send an email to

One of the team will get in touch and will usually arrange to come and visit you, to discuss how the programme could work best for your pupils.


"Very few projects have this level of impact on student engagement and progress. This will make a significant difference to achievement and progress of a large number of students. The energy and commitment from tutors and tutees is palpable."

                    ~Hyder Dastagir, Headteacher, London Nautical School


We are looking for volunteers available to tutor for an hour a week for 8- 10 weeks during a school term.


We work with schools across London, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Bristol and Brighton and Hove.  


Apply to be a volunteer tutor and we will place you as an English or maths tutor in one of our partner schools. You will work with one or two pupils for an hour a week across the course of a school term; usually before or after school or on a Saturday morning. Sessions are delivered on the school premises at the same time each week. We provide all of our tutors with training and resources, and we will also process a free DBS check for you.  

If you would like to volunteer, please click here.


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