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WATCH lifeline
emergency home response alarm
0208 871 7741

valuing your independence

Everyone values their independence and wants to stay in their own home.


However, disability or age may mean you need assistance now and again, such as after a fall or when feeling unwell. That is when you need a reliable 24 hour back-up service.


WATCH lifeline offers a home response service by trained staff which, provides round the clock reassurance for you and your family.

how does it work?

If you fall or are taken ill, your phone may be out of reach, but WATCH lifeline we will supply a speech alarm unit and a special neck or wrist pendant for you to wear.



With WATCH lifeline installed you can call for assistance from anywhere in your home just by pressing the red button on your pendant.


Pressing the pendant button sends an alarm signal to our community alarm centre. We will identify who you are and our experienced emergency wardens will be able to speak to you, in any part of your home, through the lifeline alarm unit.


Our emergency warden will give you advice and reassurance and if appropriate visit your home to assist you.


accessing WATCH lifeline

This service is available to anyone who feels they need it, with no need for referral.



There is a small weekly fee to access the service.


This will be charged according to 3 means based price bands:

£8.50 per week – for those not eligible for any income support (housing/ council tax)

£2.39 per week – for those who receive income support for housing and/or council tax

£4.58 per week – for those receiving income support for housing or council tax and Disability Living Allowance



If you would like to access the service for yourself or someone close to you or find out more information, please get in touch today.


Finding Us

Wandsworth Housing Dept
17-27 Garratt Lane
SW18 4AE