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RAD Deaf Law Centre
Making the Law work for Deaf People

What we can do...

RAD (Royal Association for Deaf people) aims to promote equality for Deaf people through the provision of accessible services.


RAD Deaf Law Centre aims to ensure justice and equal access to the law and legal services for Deaf people by providing a range of legal services. We operate at a national level providing a range of services across England, Wales and Scotland.


We can:

Litigate – we work with Deaf people to advise on employment, welfare benefits, debt, housing, discrimination, buying, selling and moving house, writing wills, access to children, divorce, starting a new business, and giving advice and information to Deaf businesses and organisations.

Educate – we give Deaf people information about their rights, provide general advice, make sure Deaf people can access legal advice by telling everyone about our services and advising legal professionals about Deaf issues/ awareness, and we give information to make legal services better for Deaf people.

Advocate – we campaign, lobby and promote legal services for Deaf people.  If we cannot advise you we will tell you where you can go for advice.

Collaborate – we work with the Deaf community to improve our services, work with other people and organisations such as the Law Centres Federation, law centres and Citizens Advice bureaux, and provide Deaf law students with opportunities to get some legal work experience.

Advise – we support professionals (Deaf and hearing) working with Deaf people to make sure that they understand what rights Deaf people have through our “Advise the Professionals” service.


You can talk to us face to face (where possible), via webcam or text chat. You can contact us by email, telephone, fax and post.

Areas of Law

The RAD Deaf Law Centre can help with a wide range of legal areas, both personal and professional.


Personal Services include:


Welfare Benefits:  We can advise you about your benefits – what you can claim, if they have stopped and if you have to pay them back- and represent you at tribunals (if possible).

We cannot fill in benefit forms but we may be able to refer you to someone who can advise you.

Employment: We can advise on all aspects of employment rights and contracts.  

Housing: We will advise both tenants and owner-occupiers about their housing rights. We also offer advice if you are homeless, about housing transfers and nuisance.

Debt: We can advise you on how to manage and prioritise your debt and to make sure you get all the money you are entitled to. We can complete an ‘income and expenditure form to identify how much money you have, how much you spend and identify your options.

Discrimination: We advise on all aspects of discrimination law for individuals accessing goods and services, education, housing, and for employees/workers.

Wills and Probate: We offer the first will-writing service in the UK for Deaf people.  We can keep and look after your will and take care of things when you die if you want us to.

Conveyancing (selling, buying and moving house): From sorting out surveys to arranging the stamp duty payment and then exchanging contracts and preparing final accounts, we can do everything for you.

Family and Matrimonial: We will work quickly to advise you through difficult times. We can advise on divorce and separation, financial settlements, parental responsibilities, domestic violence and cohabitation and civil partner disputes.


We also offer legal advice for established and fledgling businesses.  Business Services include:


Employment and HR Services: We offer employment Litigation - aimed at Deaf-led companies, Deaf and hard of hearing organisations and disability organisations or those who provide services to Deaf and disabled people generally- in addition to advice on all aspects of employment law.

We can provide a range of solutions to avoid employment claims arising.

We also offer half and full day training sessions to make sure you and/or your managers and staff have the knowledge and skills to follow employment law. Courses can be run at your own premises or at any suitable location outside the workplace.


Business Start-Up: We offer Deaf people with access to specialist business support and legal services including set-up  and taxation advice and help registering your company with Companies House

We can also provide information on writing a business plan and budget forecasts, and assist you to apply for Access to Work scheme from Department of Work and Pensions to obtain funding for communication support.

Project Funding

At any time, we may have a number of funded projects who can provide free legal advice to some people depending on if they meet the funder’s rules; always check with us to see if you can get free advice.


Legal Advice:  If you have a low income, you may be eligible for assistance to meet part or all of the cost of a case (Public Funding). This is dealt with by a government body called the Legal Services Commission
(Please note that we cannot provide representation in tribunal hearings or court under this funding stream.)

We can use legal aid funding for: Welfare benefits, Employment, Housing  & Debt

Private Client: Under this scheme we will give you a rough idea of the total cost of your case.

You will need to pay us for all the costs or we can agree how much you can pay at the start and pay later. When we reach the agreed cost limit we will send you a detailed bill. If necessary, we will ask for more funds before carrying on the work on your case.

If you take someone to court, you may get money back if you win.

Conditional Fees: If you want to ask court for money, you can try and ask for ‘Conditional Fee Arrangement’ (no win no fee).

We commonly use this scheme for employment cases.

Legal Expenses Insurance: Many household and motor insurance policies include cover for legal expenses.

We suggest that you check your insurance policies before you contact us.

Trade Unions: If you are a member of a trade union such as Unison and Unite the Union, you can ask your Union Representative if they will pay us to advise you on your employment matter.


Finding Us

RAD Deaf Law Centre
12 Devon Place
Newport, South Wales
NP20 4NN

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