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Move More Wandsworth
Physical Activity Service/ Self- help and Support Group
About Us

Macmillan’s Move More Wandsworth supports people living with and beyond cancer to become more active. It’s been proven that taking part in physical activity during and after cancer treatment is safe and has many long term benefits.This includes reducing the side effects of treatment, such as fatigue, and the risk of developing other conditions such as osteoporosis and diabetes. For some cancers, there’s also a growing body of evidence showing that physical activity can reduce mortality rates, disease progression and recurrence.

What We Do

The Move More Wandsworth service offers people free appointments to discuss ways of making physical activity a part of their lives. Suggestions are tailored to each individual, taking into account potential side-effects or need for motivation during and after cancer treatment. Some form of activity is recommended for all abilities, for example, gardening or walking could be part of the programme. Support will then be on hand for 12 months to help keep motivation high. Also available are cancer specific exercise classes which are a great place to meet others with similar experiences and to share support.

Move More Wandsworth is open to everyone living with or beyond cancer in Wandsworth, regardless of when their diagnosis was made.

 For more information, please get in contact via the information provided or visit our website here.

Our location changes so be sure to get in touch! 



Finding Us

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Battersea Park
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