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Alopecia - London Support Group
Dealing with hair loss

About alopecia

Alopecia is a general term used for hair loss; this can be a small bald patch on the head or the loss of all the hair over the entire body. This part of the site provides information on the physical aspects of alopecia.


Visit our website to learn more or download the leaflet "About Alopecia"

Support Groups and Events

Meeting and talking to other people in the same situation as ourselves can be a valuable experience.


A great way to do this is by attending an Alopecia UK support group or an event meeting.


The support group leads are people who have personal experience of alopecia and along with members of the support group can help to give insight and advice on living and dealing with alopecia areata on a day to day basis. Support group leads are not professional counsellors and meetings are to help individuals cope with the changing aspects of alopecia on a practical level.

London Support Groups

There is a Pan-London Alopecia support group which covers the Wandsworth area.

Meetings take place every few months, in a central London location.


You can find out about upcoming London meetings by visiting our website.

For further information contact Carolyn Bibby at


Alternatively, find out about other existing groups or how to set up your own by visiting the Support Groups & Events page on our website.


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