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Brandon Trust
Learning disabilities. Living a life.

About us

The Brandon Trust aims to provide services and support to people with learning disabilities to live independently and exercise their full potential.

We do this by delivering innovative and affordable services for people with learning disabilities



At Brandon Trust we believe people with learning disabilities are people first. This means:

- What you think is important. We want to support you to get your voice heard.

- You should be able to get out and about.

- You should get support at the time you need it.

- Your ideas are special. People who support you should have good ideas about helping you to make plans.

- You should be able to spend your own money.

Supporting you

We can support you with things like –

- Support to live in your own home.

- Finding somewhere to live with support from staff all the time.

- Doing more things for yourself.

- Employment training and support to find a job.

- Getting involved in things you enjoy.


Our services include:

Travel Buddies
Brandon Trust runs Travel Buddy schemes, where trained people with learning disabilities support their peers to use public transport.

- Work Clubs
We offer a range of services to help people with learning disabilities and autism to develop workplace skills and become more independent.

- Helping you to access Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology devices empower people to lead more independent lives, making everyday tasks more accessible.

- Summer Camps
Our annual Summer Camps for young people promote independence, confidence, self-esteem and develop new skills through group activities.

Next Steps

Thinking of using a Brandon Trust Service?  Complete our referral form, its quick and easy and will help us to better help you.

Download the referral form here.


If you would like further Help regarding services in the London area contact Dawn Dacosta on or call 07785 622 127.


Alternatively, you can get in touch with our London office using the details at the top of the page.


Finding Us

Battersea Studios - Unit G1
80 Silverthorne Road