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Full Circle Fund
Improving the lives of children, adults and their carers

mission statement

Complementary therapies are used alongside orthodox treatments with the aim of providing psychological and emotional support through the relief of symptoms

 National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) Supportive and Palliative Care Improving Outcomes Guidance (2004)


The Full Circle Fund is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of patients through our pioneering supportive therapies.

Based in haematology, oncology and paediatric wards, our services benefit adults, babies and children with life-threatening conditions.


We work hand-in-hand with conventional care to help support patients' physical recovery during and after treatment. Our supportive therapies can improve patients' coping strategies, reducing pain and anxiety levels and ultimately enhancing their quality of life.


We work in three key areas:

Therapy: quality of life support and training programmes for patients

Research: scientific research and evaluation for better understanding of supportive therapies and survivorship

Education: informing and educating Heath Care Professionals and the general public about the role and benefits of supportive therapy


We receive no government or NHS funding and rely totally on donations to support our work.

What We Do

The Full Circle Fund is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of babies, children and adults with life threatening illnesses, at St George's Hospital, London.


We understand the anxiety, distress and uncertainty that accompany a life-threatening illness, and which is often compounded by long periods of hospitalization, debilitating side-effects and loss of sense of control. Our pioneering programmes offer patients a sensitive programme of supportive therapies that help enhance the quality of life in the intensive clinical environment.


  'Being diagnosed with a life-threatening illness is a frightening experience' says Suzanne Ruggles, the founder and director of the Full Circle Fund.

'Fear, loss of control, distress, anxiety and debilitating side effects are some of the many reported difficulties. A growing number of well-designed studies show that supportive interventions such as therapeutic massage and relaxation training can help reduce anxiety, pain and nausea which are important factors influencing quality of life.'


Our therapies aim to achieve improved quality of life, a reduction of anxiety, improvements in sleeping, feelings of wellbeing and control, a reduction in the perception of pain.

What you can do

Become an important part of The Circle.... 


As an Individual :-

Any help you can offer us would be greatly appreciated as, in the absence of any Government funding, our free service is funded solely through charitable donations and fundraising events.

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As a Company, Organization or Charitable Trust :-

We are seeking forward thinking Companies, Charitable Trusts and Foundations who recognise the value and important role of the integrated approach to treating cancer and bone marrow failure. Our approach involves the very best of supportive, self-help complementary therapy health care and research working hand-in-hand with conventional medicine for the greater good of the whole. We would love to talk to you whatever the size of your organisation. 

Current corporate supporters


Contact us at :-

You can support us by sending a cheque or postal order to:

The Full Circle Fund (ref: APNS*)

c/o Ruth Myles Unit

2nd Floor St James's Wing

St George's Hospital

London SW17 0QT 

* Please do make sure your payment clearly states our account code "APNS" as this code guarantees your money reaches our fund account.


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Finding Us

The Ruth Myles Unit 2nd Floor St James's Wing
St George's Hospital
SW17 0QT