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Time Banking

What is Time Banking?

A Time bank is a highly effective system that encourages people to help each other within their community.


People offer services to Time bank members and can choose services they'd like in return.


For example, a Time bank member may accompany a patient to a hospital appointment and in return could gain help with a DIY project from another Time bank member.


So the more people who contribute to a Time bank, the more services will be on offer. They can cover everything from befrending, cooking and sharing meals, shopping and giving lifts to learning a new skill, accompanying members to doctors appointments, litter picking and even DJing.



Time banking is more flexible than traditional volunteering because people can donate spare time as and when they have it – activities can take place when it best suits members.


How to set up a Time bank

Any organisation can set up a Time bank, but it's important to enlist the help of people who have experience of making them succeed.


That's where NUSHO can help you.

We can provide the support and experience you need to set up a Time bank and make it flourish.  



While we specialise in helping schools and GP practices, we can help many other organisations

get Time banks off the ground – so contact us today to learn more.


Click here to set up an Introductory meeting

How can I get involved

If you're interested in Time banking there are so many ways to get involved.


As part of an organisation, you could set up your own.

This could work for...

GP surgeries

One of the main incentives for GP practices to sponsor Time banks is the help they offer patients with symptoms of depression and isolation.  


Time banking offers major rewards for schools and their students. It helps to re-engage young people, develop intergenerational understanding, engender civil responsibility and life skills and increase their self esteem.

Community organisations

Time banking has major benefits for our wider communities. By sharing their time, care and expertise, individuals can help their community to become more close-knit, stronger and more resilient.


Alternatively you could Join a Time bank as a...

Individual member

Help members in your community and obtain the help you need.

Voluntary organisation member

In this time of austerity, tell us how our Time bank members can help your organisation to help your community.

Business or Corporate member -

Encourage your employees to volunteer as Time bank members and / or contribute to rewards and incentives to encourage others to help their community.



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