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Osteopathic Centre for Children
gently making things better


The Osteopathic  Centre for Children is a charity that seeks to ensure that paediatric osteopathy – a gentle, effective and environmentally-friendly treatment- is established as an option for parents and carers concerned for their child’s health.


What is Paediatric Osteopathy?


Osteopathy is concerned with the arrangements of the parts of the body and their movements.


The task of the osteopath is to understand what has gone wrong and why, and to use his or her hands to allow the organism to overcome its malfunction.


In babies and children it is particularly important to pay attention to the body, not only for immediate help with distress and disease, but to encourage optimum health for a lifetime.


Osteopathic treatment is, by definition, manual. In young patients the methods used are nearly always very gentle, but nonetheless powerful, requiring special skill and knowledge.

Our Clinic

We run a full time clinic in Wandsworth, where we welcome mums and mums-to-be, babies, children and teenagers.


At our clinic in Wandsworth, we are able to offer 22,000 treatments to babies, children, teenagers and women before and after birth each year.


We are not part of the NHS, and as a charity, we are entirely reliant on donations to keep our clinic open. We ask families to make a donation towards our services, but no one is ever refused osteopathic care through lack of funds.


What will happen at the Clinic?

Your osteopath will take details of your child’s complaint or symptoms and also some details of the pregnancy, birth and development. Some of these details may seem irrelevant but are often useful to the osteopath.


Next, the patient will be examined. This will start with observation of movement and posture. The osteopath may require your child to partially undress and perform some simple movements and exercises.


The osteopath will place his or her hands gently on the patient to assess the health of the body by feeling how it moves. It may look as if nothing is happening but the osteopath will be concentrating on feeling different parts of the body and its very subtle involuntary movements.

Please feel free to ask questions before, during and after treatment.


If you would like more information on Paediatric Osteopathy and our clinic, or to find out about our Osteopathic Courses, please visit our website


Practical Information

Opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday: 9.30-5 pm

Tuesday: Closed



The OCC is located in a nice residential area, close to the river and just across the road from Wandsworth Park. It is within 10-15 minutes walking from either East Putney (District Line) or Wandsworth Town (National Rail).


For general enquiries about the OCC, please contact our clinic using the details at the top of the page.


To book or amend an appointments please call: 0208 875 5290 - Monday-Friday, 9.00am -5.30 pm


Finding Us

Wandsworth Clinic
22a Point Pleasant
SW18 1GG