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Home Adaptations to Help Manage Dementia
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People with dementia often prefer to stay in their own homes, where things are familiar, for as long as they can. During the early stages of dementia this is usually no problem. But as dementia progresses, simple tasks can become difficult.

Common symptoms of dementia such as slower thought processes, forgetfulness, and difficulty walking mean difficult tasks might include:

  • Cooking, cleaning, and general household tasks

  • Washing and bathing

  • Eating and drinking

  • Walking without tripping on carpets etc.

  • Forgetting to lock doors

This article suggests some simple home adaptations that can help someone with dementia manage everyday tasks and stay in their own home longer.

if you’re worried about the costs of home adaptations, there is a section at the end of the article that discusses funding options and securing items for free, on loan.