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Housing our Future

About SpaceMax

The creation of a SPACEMAX team made of  Local carpenters, mothers that have had enough of staring at their problems. SpaceMax is a community-led initiative that will benefit the domestic lives of local families and strengthen relationships between neighbours. Getting involved with SpaceMax will also equip volunteers with practical experience, skills in managing their time and team-building, acting as a platform for their professional lives.


National figures indicate that 331,000 under-15s live in severely overcrowded homes in our capital and most on council waiting lists for a transfer. This project grew out of our South London Citizens and ‘Housing our Future’ Report on an Enquiry into the Effects of Overcrowding on Children, which concluded that poor space management was an issue that could be solved within the community itself.


The aim of the project is for the families to work together with local experts to MAXimize the SPACE in their homes. Together we seek to alleviate the stress and impact of overcrowding on the education of their children and health of all family members and foster a more positive relationship between tenant and property.

Learn DIY for Free

We also offer local residents who are suffering from overcrowding  the opportunity to Learn DIY for Free to better equip them to tackle problems around overcrowding.  


Courses are held every Thursday (excluding public holidays) from 10am to 12pm and are delivered in partnership with Wandsworth Lifelong Learning.


Classes offer guidance on a variety of simple repairs and storage solutions, all aimed at making the most of limited SPACE.


Finding Us

Unit I, Unit 13, Charlotte Des Av.
SW11 5JE