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One in Four
For people who have experienced sexual abuse or violence.

About us

One in Four is an organisation run for and by people who have experience of sexual abuse. We exist to give voice to the experience of people who have been sexually abused and to provide a space which by its very existence challenges feelings of shame and self blame.
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We provide a unique service to individuals, both directly and indirectly. Directly, through individual therapy and helpline support. Indirectly through campaigning, policy making, in-house research, training, and consultancy work with statutory and non statutory agencies.
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Services we provide

We provide a range of services for people who have experienced sexual abuse, if you wish to find out more please click on the related link.



We can arrange services through referral or co-operation with other agencies,  provide access to legal services, make contact with health and or social care services ….more



One to one therapy provides an opportunity to each individual to explore and work through and beyond their experiences of sexual abuse and sexual violence...more


If you can’t make it to our premises in South East London or Surrey we also provide telephone or Skype counselling.  Please call our office for more details.


We are delighted to now be able to offer counselling to couples and/or family members to work together through the difficulties that sexual abuse can create in close relationships.


We also offer a generic service for non sexual counselling.  Click here for more information.



Finding Us

One in Four
219 Bromley Road
Bellingham, Catford