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Age UK Wandsworth Shopping Service
Shopping service - deliveries to you door.

Deliveries to your door

Our Shopping Service is for older (60+) Wandsworth residents who are unable to do their own shopping or who may have a little difficulty in doing so.

- Perhaps the shopping itself is not a problem, but struggling home with bags of shopping can often be very difficult!

- Alternatively, a carer may be doing your shopping but perhaps their time could be spent helping you at home instead.


How does it work?

Many of the supermarkets offer ‘online’ or ‘internet' shopping.

Until now, unless you had a computer, you could not take advantage of this convenient way of shopping with the added benefit of home delivery that it brings.

However, we have organised our Shopping service so that you can get your shopping online without the need for a computer.

We will make all the necessary arrangements from our office so that you can have your shopping delivered to your home.


We open individual accounts for each customer with their chosen supermarket (providing it offers online shopping) and from then on we are able to place shopping orders.


There is no commitment to shop every week.

- Customers may perhaps choose to do a larger shop or to purchase those bulkier items every few weeks or so. It is entirely up to you to decide how often you wish to use the Shopping service.

What do I need to do?

What do I need?

To use the Shopping service customers need a telephone, a bank account and a debit or credit card to pay for the shopping and they, or someone acting on their behalf, must be able to take delivery of the shopping when it is delivered.


Is there a charge?

Age UK Wandsworth does not make a charge for this service, but the supermarkets usually do.

- Their charges vary and can depend for example on the supermarket, how much is spent and the day and time you select for your delivery.

- We will tell you how much delivery will cost when you place your order.

Get in touch..

For further information about the Shopping service please contact Catherine Waters on 020 8877 8940 (main number) or 020 8877 8958 (direct line).


Finding Us

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