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CCHF All About Kids
Residential activity and breaks for disadvantaged children

What we do...

We provide a range of residential activity and respite breaks that allows children aged 7-11 to escape the traumas of their everyday life and simply become children again.


The children we help often experience:

- Domestic violence
- The effects of alcohol and drug abuse
- Physical, emotional, neglect and sexual abuse
- Dangerous environments and neighbourhoods
- Social isolation
- Bullying
- Low self-esteem
- Caring responsibilities
- Severe poverty

How we can help...

In our care these children can...


- go walking in the beautiful countryside
- swim in the sea and build sandcastles on the beach
- become more positive about their own capabilities and their future
- learn about the benefits of a healthy diet, exercise and table manners
- develop new social skills by interacting with others
- play, learn and are cared for in safe and encouraging environments
- spend quality time with adults who provide positive role models
- grow in confidence by challenging themselves and trying new activities
- learn to be more independent and self sufficient
- meet and make new friends


Finding Us

Stafford House
91 Keymer Road