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DLF Loan Library (for electronic living aids)
Disabled Living Foundation

How does it work?

Our library of simple electronic aids enables you to borrow equipment for two weeks to see if it works for you!


The service is free to use, with the small exception of return postage costs – for most items this will be between £3 & £4.

We also require a deposit for the item but this is temporary and will be repaid when the item is returned.


And we provide help if you have any difficulties operating the piece of equipment you have received!

Occupational therapists will be available to help you with any technical difficulties you may be experiencing with the piece of equipment you have borrowed.

- This support will be available Monday to Friday during office hours.


The service launches in Wandsworth,  1st October, 2013 so get started on your wish list!

What's available?

Memory prompts: Designed to prompt people with memory difficulties to remember things necessary for them to either remain living safely on their own, or to reduce the level of carer input they rely on.        


Sight Aids: A range of household items designed for blind and partially sighted people including magnifiers, devices that can "scan-and-announce", telephones with large buttons, talking clocks and easy-to-see remote controls. 


Safety alarms and pagers

This incorporates two kinds of alarms:

- ones that simply allow people to contact a live-in carer/spouse for help

- others which can notify live-in carers that their loved ones may be walking off to places which could put them at risk.

It could be they are at risk of falling on the stairs in their house when it's dark but tend to head there if they wake up in the middle of the night, or it could be they are at risk of wandering from their house without being able to find their way home again.

Although simple to use, such technology can prove very reassuring to carers who might otherwise spend a lot of time and energy worrying whether their loved ones are safe. These devices usually consist of sensors which alert the carers when the agreed boundaries are crossed.


Staying in touch

The Staying in Touch section lists telephones which can make contacting people easier for those with memory difficulties or visual impairments.

These products are equipped with large buttons and good colour contrast, making them easier to see than most regular telephones. They also have speed dial buttons which can have pictures of people applied to them, making it easier to make a "one-button-dial" for people who might get confused by the numeric buttons, or those who have difficulties seeing.


Give something a try!

If you would like to use our lending library to try out a product, please get in touch – details at the top of the page.


For more information about the service, including FAQs and Terms & Conditions, click here to visit our website.


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