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Free Cakes For Kids UK
Wandsworth group

Birthday Cakes for Kids

At the heart of every Free Cakes for Kids group are individual birthday cakes.


Put simply, a local group matches two parties: families in need and passionate home bakers.


The cakes are made by local volunteers, who also pay for the ingredients themselves. While most Free Cakes for Kids volunteers are amateurs, they enjoy baking and decorating impressive cakes that often even accommodate the child’s favourite theme or style.


Recent examples include a Princess cake, a Bob-the-Builder cake, rocket-shaped cakes or the ever-popular football cakes.


How it works

Families can call themselves or are referred to local groups by partner organisations. Most local groups have built strong networks in their communities and work closely with organisations like the Young Carers, foodbanks or social services.


This is how it works: 

Step 1: A family finds it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child.  Step 2: A local partner organisation refers the family to Free Cakes for Kids. They can either use a form or simply recommend the family to give us a call.  Step 3: Once we have received the details (date, dietary requirements, etc.), we match the family with a baker from our group.  Step 4: The baker prepares a delicious homemade cake – Just in time for the child’s birthday.  Step 5: The cake is handed over in a public place which is convenient for both the baker and family (eg. Local supermarket or community centre).  Step 6: The family can enjoy a yummy cake and enjoy their child's birthday!!

Need a birthday cake for your child?

In Wandsworth?

Contact Lourita on: 

Tel. 020 7801 0591



There currently are more than 80 active groups across the UK.

Check out our map and see if there’s one close to you.

Get involved!

Baking volunteersFree Cakes for Kids UK is made by people like you – a true community project. Most of our volunteers and organisers have a passion for baking and decorating breathtaking birthday cakes. But even if you do not consider yourself a great baker, there is a lot you can do.


Help your local group

If there already is a group in your community, you can:

Bake away: Many groups are looking for passionate bakers, who enjoy baking and decorating fancy birthday cakes.

Help with logistics: Even you do not consider yourself a baking god(dess), you can help with logistics, delivery or spreading the word in your local community.

Recommend a partner: Do you know an organisation that a local group could work with? Let them know and put them in touch.

Spread the word: It’s a great idea, people like it and some even decide to get involved themselves.


Why not contact your local group to see how you can help. (Please find details for Wandsworth group above)


Start a local group

If there is not yet a group in your community, you can:

Start a new group: It takes a bit work, but after all it is not too difficult. Let us know where you are based and we can help you to get started.

Get a team: Find others, who share your interests and want start a group with you. It’s always much more fun to work in a team and share the good times and excitement.

Network, network, network: Contact local charities, social services, and media. Many are happy to help. Again, we can help you find the right people to work with.

Bake for a good cause: Even without a formal group, you can do good by baking cake. Help out your favourite charity with a special celebration cake – or just bake for your friends!


Of course, we are also grateful for support. While the Free Cakes Kids UK Network relies entirely on restless volunteers, we sometimes need to buy a train ticket or make phone calls.

If you would like to support Free Cakes for Kids, please contact our Network Coordinator, Lynne O’Brien on:

every little helps!



Finding Us


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