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South West London Humanists
British Humanist Association

Humanists say we can live good lives without religious or superstitious beliefs. Humanism makes sense of the world using reason, experience and shared human values.

We seek to make the best of the one life we have by creating meaning and purpose for ourselves. We take responsibility for our actions and work with others for the common good.

Take a look at this introduction to Humanism:

Humanists Say...
...we only have one life and we should make the best of it, creating meaning and purpose for ourselves.
...we should try to live happy and fulfilled lives and help others to do so.
...the way to achieve this is to live responsibly, thinking rationally about right and wrong, considering the consequences of our actions and trying to do the right thing.  Humanism is an ethical worldview, not just an atheistic or agnostic one.

Are you a Humanist?
Take this Quiz to find out if you share similar views.

More info about Humanism is on the British Humanist Association Website.

Regular Meetings

Main Meetings
These are an opportunity to socialise with likeminded people and discuss a variety of interesting topics.
Normally held monthly in Richmond. For details of our upcoming meetings, click here to visit our Meetup page

Coffee Meetings
Just turn up for a coffee and a chat. Usually around a dozen people come along.
Our coffee mornings are on the second Thursday of the month, 11am at the Rose Theatre Cafe
Hosted by Martin Lake who can be contacted if necessary at: 

Since we first launched the Group in 2007 our Discussion Topics have ranged pretty widely !
As well as an annual look at "What is Humanism?" topics have included:

  • “The God Delusion”-is Richard Dawkins an asset to Humanism?
  • The Ethics of Eating
  • Happiness is Overrated
  • Shariah Law v Human Rights
  • Humanism & Education
  • Is the Good Life Possible without God?
  • Are religious people happier people?
  • Should drugs be legalised?
  • Overcoming the death taboo 

Book Group
Meets  on the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 10.15am at Masaniello, Twickenham
For more information, contact Hugh Finn at: or call 020 8570 3167

Kingston pub night
Meets on the 3rd Wednesday of the month

Vineyard Lunches
A group of us have been volunteering to help provide Sunday lunches for homeless people in Richmond. This is run in collaboration with the local Unitarian Church.
For more information, contact Tina Bruce at

Home-based Coffee Mornings 
For those who find mobility a challenge in getting to the Kingston coffee mornings. Volunteer drivers collect/return members to their homes.
The coffee mornings take place around every other month, Different members of the group - which is open to all who wish to join in - offer coffee and a simple biscuit in their homes, and we circulate the venues. They’re proving a great success!
If you’re interested, please contact Tina Bruce at a meeting, or email

A few Other Activities we’re involved with include:

  • Running stalls at local fairs, and raffles at Group events, to raise money for our selected charities.
  • Contributing to both Kingston and Richmond "Standing Advisory Committee on Religious Education" (SACRE) and the Richmond Inter Faith Forum.
  • We support British Humanist Association campaigns to counter religious privilege in areas such as education (for example, opposition to faith schools), bishops in the House of Lords and resistance to the introduction of Creationism and Intelligent Design into science lessons.  

South West London Celebrants help people mark significant events in their lives with a non-religious ceremony. We're part of the national network of British Humanist Association (BHA) trained and accredited celebrants.

Tailor made Non-religious ceremonies
Each ceremony is unique, created specially for the people involved. The focus is the occasion and the person or people being celebrated or commemorated. There are no special rules or strict observances beyond basic legal requirements. The ceremony is planned in close consultation to ensure it’s exactly what people and their families want.

Humanist funerals: Celebrate the life of someone who has died. By choosing a Humanist funeral or memorial you can commemorate them and share the memories they have left behind without any religious reference to an ‘after-life’.

"Your compassion and empathy were palpable - so many people commented on how wonderful the service was."

Humanist naming and welcoming ceremonies: You can have a Humanist ceremony to welcome the arrival of a baby, an adopted child or new step-children into your family and into the broader human community.

" was truly a wonderful day... very emotional!"

Humanist weddings and Civil partnerships:  Celebrate your marriage, partnership or a reaffirmation of your commitment with a unique ceremony.

" was perfect and just as we had hoped. Many people commented on how it was very personal, intimate and inspired us with ideas such as the singing....highlights that everyone enjoyed very much."

Celebrants in Wandsworth

Anne Delaney: Funerals, Namings, Weddings
020 8542 2970 / 0752 703 8609

Jeanne Rathbone: Funerals, Namings, combined Wedding/Namings
020 7228 2327


Finding Us

Coffee Mornings
Rose Theatre Cafe
24-26 High St
Kingston upon Thames
Book Group
22 Church St
020 8570 3167