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What will Big White Wall mean to you?

Big White Wall is a relatively unique online service for people 16 years and over with mental health and psychological wellbeing worries and concerns.

The organisation is set up with its main focus on social responsibility and delivery of a high quality caring service founded on a strong ethos of self exploration, access to community and specialist support and recovery.

Big White Wall offers a large, growing community peer support network in a safe and anonymous environment with clinical expertise and input available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.


The service is linked to the Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust which offers world recognised expertise in psychological and mental health with lead consultants directly delivering therapy and supporting the service.

What does Big White Wall offer you?

A service that is a available to you night and day 365 days of the year

A safe and annonymous environment for you to gather information about mental and psychological health worries from an extensive library of articles and leaflets

A place to go to test yourself with tools to see "how I am doing" with the ability to repeat these and watch the progress you have made.

A place for you to go to safely discuss your worries with others who may be struggling too and explore ideas and test out solutions. More than 70% of people talk about a problem for the first time on Big White Wall.


A place you can go where clinical expertise is available 24 hours a day so that you can reach out for this help whenever you need it and where ever you are.

A place where clinicians are aware of your "conversations" in an anonymised and secure enviroment and will actively become involved if you are struggling.

Big White Wall also offers "live therapy" online with psychiatrists and psychotherapists which is a special service made available through secure, safe and confidential technology.

With the techonology Big White Wall can run specialist groups on line which can be set up by users or the team around specific topics and concerns. There are often fun groups such as music discussions, news topics or art.

Throughout the wall are "Bricks" which are a form of art therapy. Every user can produce as many bricks as they like with whatever statement or image they want to use. Even those for whom art is not a usual interest, find this outlet very powerful, helpful and positive. As of October 2012 Big White Wall has more than 50,000 bricks recorded.

How do I access Big White Wall?

There are 4 ways: 1. Simply google it and start to use it at £2 per week. 2. If your NHS organisation has contracted with the service, such as in Wandsworth you can go to your GP to be "prescribed" Big White Wall or simply try out your postcode. 3. If you are under your local psychological therapies service you may also be referred to Live Therapies online where that arrangement is in place. 4. If you are an active member of the UK Armed Forces or a Veteran, you and your family get the service free as it is funded through the government and Help for Heroes. Simply go to and have a look. At this time Big White Wall is in English and it is there for everyone and anyone throughout the UK and the world.

Finding Us

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